Denny Howard


Married; Wife, Barbara

Three children;
         Sam, Joe & Kelly
Three grandchildren;
         Justin, Tobey & Zander

I have been making pots for over 30 years. My introduction to clay occurred in Logan Utah, home of Utah State University, where I began by taking an adult education night course, beginning wheel throwing. I followed that up with some college level ceramic courses, not pursuing any degree as I already had two college degrees and was not interested in more.

My first studio was located in Logan Utah, and after ten plus years my wife, Barbara, and I relocated to New England. We spent approximately 10 years in central Massachusetts, Barre. During this time I worked a full time job at an insurance company and only was able to work in clay on weekends when time permitted.
We moved to Sagamore, a village on Cape Cod, and I opened my current studio in 1999. I am now, once again, a full time potter!.

I find the process of making pottery very challenging and rewarding. It is the combination of loving the process and the challenge and excitement from constant experimentation that keeps me motivated. Every kiln opening is anticipated with excitement as there is always something in the firing to inspire and motivate.